How I Met My Dream Guide (And How You Can Meet Yours) 

I met my dream guide earlier this year after many unfruitful attempts. He has remained as a significant guiding force throughout my dreaming life.

A history:

Early on in lucid dreaming, I met a mysterious inner self who often gave me cryptic and confusing advice…

I later requested this ‘being’ to let me meet my dream guide (who I managed to contact by shouting ‘God’) , but my suggestion was refused with the response that she was exploring some forests. I was puzzled over this result for many months.

I tried various different methods to no avail, except…

Later on, in early 2017, I finally met my dream guide…

The Dream:

The cramped spaceship lands successfully…

I step out on a ramp like in Star Wars Films

I scan my environment:

I am informed I am on the moon, except it has been terraformed for human settlement. Soviet settlement. The sky is blue (there are oxygen generators at the pole) and the ground is a smooth grey as the regolith has been varnished over to prevent lung illness. I assemble with other soldiers to perform some exercises to keep our bodies lithe and strong in the weakened gravity. I suddenly have an over powering feeling of playfulness? I do a huge jump and after I have left, I become lucid. I continue forward and I fly across a street lined with terraces. In the corner on my right there is a curved brick wall.

I phase through it and find myself in an enclosed garden. There is a small weeping birch tree surrounded by green grass. I ask, remembering my intense goal, ‘May I humbly please meet my dream guide?’ Two leaves sprout on the white tree. I repeat my question, but I still remain calm. A wildly distorted man steps out of the birch tree! I ask him ‘What is your name?’

I receive the reply of ‘Don. Don Bloot’

With him I fly speedily into a red brick house. I find myself in my bedroom. I ask tentatively, ‘Sorry, but you DO look a little bizarre.’
He asks me to correct myself, and I am now talking to a tall handsome olive skinned man.

Suddenly, I cannot remember I phased through a wall! I panic. I attempt to phase through several walls only to bounce back. Frustrated, I ask him what I should do, after all he IS my dream guide. I get the reply, ‘Quiche don’t usually fly this high.’ I look out the window near my desk and I see a flying quiche. What!

Don has manifested in both tree and humanoid form during lucid dreaming.

The Birch Tree is a symbol of new beginnings balanced with ancient wisdom. Meeting my dream guide boosted my confidence and amplified my dream control for dreams to come. A whole new world had unlocked. My lucid dreaming frequency boosted to extreme levels and so on…

Now to YOU! 

Meeting your dream guide is invaluable.

There are a variety of techniques that can be used.

Choose a method of lucid dreaming (either DILD or WILD) and be persistent with some of the following:

  • Humbly request with patience and decipher responses that are not ‘successful’
  • Summon your dream guide. Let your subconscious shape it
  • Ask helpful dream characters about Dream Guides (e. g. how to obtain one)
  • Envisage a lucid dreaming academy to find a teacher or guide

Anything is possible! 

Have you met your guide? Are you now planning to?  Let us know in the comments. 

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Most importantly, stay lucid!

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4 thoughts on “How I Met My Dream Guide (And How You Can Meet Yours) 

Add yours

  1. Hi Distinct Dreamer!
    First of all, very happy to have found your site, we seem to be on a similar wavelength when it comes to wacky and wild lucid dreams (flying quiches? GOLD!).

    Have you ever experimented with hallucinogenic drugs? If you have, I’m curious if you’ve met Don or similar extensions of Don while in those mindstates? I once took DMT and met a deity-like being, and now I am fascinated by the idea of meeting this being again in my lucid dreams. Never thought to summon it there before!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks!
    No, I haven’t really explored that area of mental exploration, but one of my aspirations is to experiment with a hallucinogen in a lucid dream, which I will probably share here. Stay tuned! 😉


    1. I’m sure you can get there! 🙂

      I hated myself for months for failing, but once I relaxed (but still focussed (it’s a balance)), I arrived at my destination.
      Meanwhile, inspire yourself by checking in on the weekend for a guide on flying!

      Lucidly, Distinct Dreamer


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