Welcome to the Land of Lucidity, Dreamstasia, a kingdom of lucid dreaming, the art of awareness the dream state. Lucid dreaming allows you to fly, take adventures, overcome your fears, prepare for real-life situations, creative inspiration, and so much more!

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Firstly, the common technique utilised to achieve this paradoxical state is a Dream Induced Lucid Dream, or DILD, a fancy way of saying that this kind of lucid dreaming is achieved through the isation of one’s state. For instance, I might notice that my house has been painted a vibrant purple, which would trigger me to become lucid. However, with DILD fully embraced, you test your state 5-10 times a day, through Reality Checks. 

You might see all sorts of strange terms tossed around the lucid dreaming sphere, such as WILD, MILD, FILD, VILD, LILD, but it’s important to recognize that many these terms are somewhat redundant, and can be ignored for some period of time!

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