How I Met My Dream Guide (And How You Can Meet Yours) 

I met my dream guide earlier this year after many unfruitful attempts. He has remained as a significant guiding force throughout my dreaming life. A history: Early on in lucid dreaming I met a mysterious inner self who often gave me cryptic and confusing advice...  I later requested this 'being' to let me meet my... Continue Reading →


How to Lucid Dream with DILD 

DILD is an acronym for Dream Induced Lucid Dream, which is simply a lucid dream induced by realizing one is dreaming. DILD is the advised technique for starters to lucid dreaming. But how?  Although a DILD can happen with no preparation beforehand, the most reliable way to induce a DILD is to perform basic reality... Continue Reading →

Lucid Dreaming and Schizophrenia 

A frequently asked question is whether lucid dreaming is related to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Common  inquiries include whether mentally ill patients are more/less likely to lucid dream and whether they can control dreams compared to normal people better/worse. Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder which impairs the ability to distinguish thoughts from the exterior... Continue Reading →

Dream of the Week 1

Each week the most intriguing dream of mine will be published. Of course, if you have a particularly exciting dream to share, do not hesitate to share it to me, lucid or not,  at Your dream will be published  as soon as possible as a guest article. All these dreams following are lucid.... The... Continue Reading →

The Most Important Skill

Lucid dreamers regardless of skill, need to have stable lucid dreams. There is nothing more disappointing than a dream collapsing just before its climax. Learn to avoid that. Next time you are lucid, regardless of your skill, have a go at testing your stability.   Stabilise yourself in your preferred way. Most techniques involve bringing... Continue Reading →

Lucid Dreaming

This website is devoted to the art of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is being aware that one is dreaming. In that paradoxial state, one can take control. Alien planets can be visited, you can fly and everything else! Learn to take control of your dreams here. In order to have a lucid dream, one should... Continue Reading →

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